3164486201_64ebd71a64_bSome of the best articles/podcasts/lectures I have read/heard on the economic crisis. I hope they can help us both understand what has happened and navigate what is most likely to be a dismal road ahead…

(1) This American Life has three podcasts that are incredibly accessible, entertaining, educational and helpful.

(a) 355: The Giant Pool of Money 

(b) 365: Another Frightening Show About the Economy

(c) 375: Bad Bank

(2) David Harvey’s lecture A Financial Katrina in which he attempts to connect the loss of homes, and thus assets, by an overwhelmingly African American population in an area of Detroit to the still maintained profits of asset managers on Wallstreet. Thus arguing, and I believe convincingly–but at this point it doesn’t take much convincing for me; that we should read the crisis as a class struggle in which yet again the rich are taking away the assets of the poor. Also, I think this is helpful because Harvey provides some evidence that, regardless of deregulation etc., Capitalism is doomed to eventual collapse because of its need for continual expansion.


(3) An amusing, irreverent, but ultimately rather cogent analysis offered by Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone


(4) Johnathan Jarvis of the Pasadena Art Center College of Design created this short, instructional video. Thought it is lacking in a full analysis, it is nevertheless helpful as a starting point for those of us who are unsure where to begin.



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