The Subaltern Speaks!

Or is this just representation? A pic from a friend’s blog. She’s doing research in anthropological economics for her PHD at UCI. Not that is has to do with her research but her blog can be found here.IMG_0982


3 thoughts on “The Subaltern Speaks!

  1. So as to avoid being totally superfluous . . . one of those levels is fact that America often takes a patronizing posture of trying to “manage” Africa, to raise its standards of living etc . . .

    1. Yes, there are a plethora of ironies here, all of which point towards the reason I decided to vote in this last election, even in spite of the incredibly low view I have of current American politics Obama–though a step above the rest–not excluded. With the length of that last sentence can you tell I’ve been reading Derrida this morning?

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