Make America Great Again!

Make America Great Again!

A branding predicated on stupidity.

Those of his supporters who stop to think at all—a generous assumption, of course, to believe they may exist—must realize his solutions to the incredibly complex problems we as a nation face are about as intelligent as an underachieving high-school freshman’s. However, rather than being thrown off by this, it’s what they love about him. Like Palin, they fall head over heals for his performance. In it they see someone who’s terrified of the world around him as well, a world in constant flux, but who is, nevertheless, successful. Since we all as a culture continue to live under the illusion that intelligence is necessary for success, they see not a self-righteous, bigoted, megalomaniac who, like them, has lived for so long with his head shoved up his own ass that he’s convinced himself that his shit doesn’t stink. (How else could he stay there?) They see, instead, a man willing to speak the truth; that is, a man willing to give voice to their own worst selves—their anxious fantasies and fears. He thinks like them, and since that means he doesn’t think at all, they have no doubt about whether or not he could lead us.


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