I went to see you there.

The place where

I knew you’d




there – you’d gone,

I didn’t dare –

the golden absent hair.


I thought we had lost

our love.


a terrible frost,


covered me completely.


With the alone

I sat,

my home,

my own, gone through.


With me, the still inside,

you reside.

Out where we




there we go.

Never home,

the golden absent hair.


An Embarrassing Confession and Modest Plea

Right now I want to go shopping. I want to be wooed. I want to dance drunk and dizzy, intoxicated by the kaleidoscope of blues, greens, yellows and the infinite shades of beige that make up the fall catalogue. I want to see pictures of beautiful people doing beautiful things and be convinced that my story can intersect with theirs. The melodies cascading from store speakers will complete this mystical experience, upon which no price seems to high. Continue reading

Older Brother’s MFA at NYU

zJust a couple of the many fascinating peaces that my incredibly talented older brother has done. He is graduating from NYU with an MFA in May. Here is his website. He has always been gifted artistically and intellectually. If it wasn’t for his penetrating questions I probably would never have taken up the study of theology so seriously. He has some really interesting and unique work. I’m really proud of him.. Hope you all enjoy. d